Fall in Love with Running

If you hate running you are doing something wrong.

If you run but don’t love it you are doing something wrong.  I honestly believe fully in the idea that human beings were born to run.  As in genetically, evolutionarily, socially we have risen beyond just apex predators on a hostile playing field, as the only animal that uses two legs to chase our dreams.


The mental, physical harmony that running exacts provides an approximation to time travel to our common ancestral savannah when endurance, adaptations, and alliance allowed homo sapiens to survive and thrive.  It has only been the last 300 years or more as convenience and comforts pulled us away from what brought us all these miles as a species. We have now created diseases out of the glut of these comforts.  


But comfort is a lie.  It takes being uncomfortable, pushing boundaries, and breaking barriers that proves we are really living.  Running is the reminder that our mind and bodies need to prove that to ourselves. Sometimes over and over.  It’s part of a personal conviction that needs to come that truly there are no limits.


We stopped running somewhere along the way and planted roots. Then we used running as punishment.  Then instead of running we built even worse things to torture ourselves with like weight rooms and treadmills.


I want you to fall in love with running because I think it will help you love yourself and everyone around you better. I want you to know how it can help you shatter what you thought you were capable of. I guarantee it will decrease your stress levels, improve your mental health, and even make you more attractive (to yourself and others).  It improves your lifespan, decreased your waistline, and even lower insurance premiums.


Think of this as the opening salvo of a treatise. Or if you will, being set up on a date that will change your life.

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