• Russell Hill

We never know the next setback

Our epic journey and the parts we share will be more than just the shining moments and sunsets. We are perfectly comfortable sharing our flaws and imperfections.

A year ago we thought our biggest setback to hitting the road was me spacing out on a routine route into our neighborhood.

After spending four hours in a downpour, including dealing with a dead battery, and then finally getting the camper loafed on the truck I was excitedly driving home to pick up the family. It was our first big trip with fifth wheel since we bought it.

I never made it home. There are three different routes into our neighborhood and without thinking I took the one option that involves going under a narrow tunnel.

I was on the phone telling Kim to have the kids ready when the front of the camper hit the bridge. I literally screamed at the sky in anger and frustration as the rain fell on my face.

It was a dark day then, and we lost out on some summer plans.

Some bad luck continued when the day before a planned camping trip to Acadia national park Kim wrecked her bike and broke her collarbone. Not to mention some gnarly road rash. We changed plans on the fly and had a great time visiting Boston, NYC, and Niagara Falls.

Our current plans and even our backup plans have changed over the last four weeks. We are waiting out the current storm to settle before we fully set off.

We still have hopes that will be leaving at The end of my to go to Maine. Self contained RV travel should provide an easy way to keep our current itinerary while practicing safe social distancing.

In the meantime we are waiting for national parks to open back up and have plans to see some great Tennessee state parks on our list.

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