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Here we go

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

As as parent you always wonder, am I doing the right thing. This is what is right for us.

Let the good times roll!!

In New Orleans where I spent part of my childhood the locals often repeat a Cajun French saying “Laissez les bon temps rouler”.  Let the good times roll. I attended my first Mardi Gras parade as a two week old infant in my onesies from Lakeside hospital emphatically declaring already I was a "Ragin' Cajun." Clearly this upbringing filled with attending yearly Mardi Gras parades and sucking on crawfish heads wired something a little different in my head.  I think it gave me the ability to listen to a different beat while living out a very traditional and safe education and career path. But over the years the beat grew louder, and the way seemed to take shape that I could dream bigger and we could actually live that dream.  

I’m the man with a new “great half baked idea” everyday. I mostly keep them to myself so I can continue to think how great they really are.  Writing books, inventing devices, sitcom comedy plots, healthcare reform, and running races—I have already succeeded at all these endeavors in my own mind; now the real fun is to make them a reality.

The real secret to any success I’ve ever had is a combination of genetic traits that has made me an overachiever specializing in endurance, resiliency, and sarcasm.  Basically the human version of a mullet.

So now we are leaving the comfortable, traditional life we have scraped and fought to achieve to do it all again. This time with more party in back.

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