The Hills Are.... ALIVE

Our purpose is to love, to adventure, and to love the adventure. We realized the memories we cherish most is when our family is outside doing epic stuff. This is where we experience not just happy moments, but form sacred family memories. A family of 6 living and traveling in 200 sq feet isn’t idyllic, it is eccentric, chaotic, and frankly messy.

All the necessities required for any memorable undertaking. The wide-open experience provided by such an epic journey is too amazing to pass up.


Working together to accomplish some individual dreams gave us a taste of exactly what we want out of our lives. And it left us less than satisfied with the status quo, the trap of comfort, and the daily grind. We don’t aim to just be unconventional, but to defy convention. We don’t want to influence, but to inspire. Our story has never been about the picture perfect, and we fully intend to share our freedom to make mistakes.

Our desire to break from the normal mold is really about a defense of the outdoors (national parks and public lands), family (creating an unbreakable bond and broadening every horizon), and adventure that focuses on unity through service, love, and learning (to share a love of and with everyone).

We have a loose itinerary that focuses more on big ideas without overplanning the details.


We hope this affords us time to breathe it all in without feeling too rushed to get from one place to the next. We plan on selling the house we currently call home in the gentle green mountains of northeast Tennessee. This allows up to simplify and dejunk. We have no set end date, no place we have decided to settle into when this is all done.

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